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Dear community, Eclipse is a nice integrated development environment (IDE) with a lot of possibilities. As I reported before in this blog, not only the ABAP Development Tools are helpful for ABAP developers - some standard functions of Eclipse in special cases, too!

One of this standard functions is the "Internal Web Browser", a view that you can place anywhere in Eclipse (see this blog). As the name already reveals, it's a web browser. Not as comfortable as Firefox or Chrome, but you can use it to open an URL. In my tests, the presentation of the websites was okay.

In which cases is it useful? If you work with the Solution Manager for example and initiate test transports there, you can do this directly from Eclipse. Because working with the Solution Manager is done via web browser (Web Dynpro technology). You can release your transport with the view "Transport Organizer" of the ADT and after that you use the view "Internal Web Browser" to work with the Solution Manager.

That's it. Not a big deal but handy. Can you think of any practical examples? Gladly comment.


Best regards, thanks for reading and please stay healthy



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