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In order to use a CDS view we need to know which the fields available are. If we know the CDS View you need to go to the SQL View to know the fields.


In SE11 we can’t directly see the CDS view, above image is an example for that.

In-order to get CDS views based on fields, this tool will help us to find CDS view based on fields.


We will be creating join conditions between 2 tables to achieve it.

  • DDLDEPENDENCY – This table stores all the information about CDS views and their SQL views.


  • DD03L – This has all the table fields stored in it.


I will be creating Quick view using SQVI transaction.


Enter Quick view name and click on create.

Enter Title.

Select datasource as Table join on Basis mode.


Insert 2 table names and have join conditions as shown above and click back.


Please add following fields


Below fields are used for selection criteria. Click on save, once completed.


Execute the tool which we just built.

I have given a field from FI which is AKONT (Reconciliation field)


Below are the CDS views based on AKONT field, choose as per your requirement and use accordingly.