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Hello Guys,

I would be explaining you a peculiar scenario that I have come across

during a Function Module development.

It is about creating hyperlinks in standard texts.

We had a requirement wherein the Portal Team had to trigger an application

which inturn will call a Function Module and a mail will be triggered to the user once his ID is created in the Portal Team.

This Function Module was calling the Standard Text.

We had to develop a logic/include hyperlink in the standard text in such a way that when a mail is triggered

to the user there should be a hyperlink available [] so that it would be very easy for him to click on that link

which would inturn take him to the particular website/email address.




1. To create a Text in Hypertext Modules, go to Transaction SO72.
     Give a name in the Document tab and CREATE.

     [The name given is ZDEMO_TEXT].

2.  Go to Menu -> Goto -> Change Editor.

3.   Enter the name of the website/link that needs to appear as
     hyperlink and save it.

     [The website/link given is]

4.  Go to the respective standard text in transaction SO10
     with the corresponding TEXT ID and Language.

     [The name of the standard text is 'ZHHU_TEXT']


     Go to Menu -> Insert ->Text ->Hypertext.

5. Enter the text name [created in S072] and Language

     with the check box->[Expand Immediately] ticked.

6. It will automatically include the text that was saved in

    Transaction SO72 with the predefined style


7. The hyperlink is now enabled.

8. On clicking the Hyperlink ‘’ it takes
    you to the respected website [].

Thanks and Regards,

Supreeth M S

SAP ABAP Consultant


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Hey Supreeth MS,

thanks for your solution - it perfectly worked for me!

May I ask you two further questions:

1. Is it possible to bring the link up into the last line with normal text?

In my scenario, the link is seperated by the STYLE and so is therefore displayed in the next line.

2. Can one color the link or underline the link?

That would make it easier for the recipient to find the link.

--> Well, I found a solution for underlining: Use Character Format <ZU> </> :wink:

Thanks a lot in advance,

the solution so far is pretty good - these are two "nice-to-have" features :wink:


treee111 - Ben

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I have one question related to this.

Can we rename the hyperlink in SO10 text?

For example: I want to show following link "" as "SAPBLOG", while showing in SO10 text.

Thanks in advance!

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