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In this first moving world of business, everybody would love to work with an optimized solution with ease. And a solution is optimized at the first sight if and only if it has followed the suggested ergonomics. This is also one of the reasons why SAP solutions are so widely popular. :cool:

SAP Ergonomics must or should be followed in order to sync with look and feel of a standard SAP application and the way it works with minimum input. Navigation in the software must be oriented to the work processes and should be ideal to the nature of standard application.

Before a SAP fresher start developing/designing a customized SAP application, he/she should visit & understand SAP Ergonomics which gives him/her a wide idea how a SAP screen should be, how the navigation should be, how the check box works should be designed etc & many more. in order to have optimized solution at the EOD.

For this SAP has provided standard SAP Ergonomics with examples that can be found under ENVIRONMENT tab of different transactions.

Here one can see different options are available. On the left hand panel you have different example entity which is categorized under different sections.

Same time on the right hand panel you can see the help text which gives much idea about designing an application using a specific element.

Say for example if you click on INITIAL SCREEN, then SAP will give tips and tricks how an initial screen in SAP should be.

Likewise if you click on ENTRY SCREEN, it will speak about how an entry screen should be.

Apart from this you can get many standard examples under CONTROLS LIBRARY section which is basically your demo center.

The Enjoy Demo Center contains numerous demonstration transactions and reports that have been created in ABAP using the new control techniques. These examples demonstrate how to divide up a screen into different areas using different elements and controls as shown above in order to reduce input frequency and maximize outcome information.

The more users have to click or navigate through screens just to enter a small amount of data, the less interested they will be about working with a new solution. They can’t concentrate on their real work or objective when they’re trying to operate through the solution, and ultimately benefit of the solution is lost.

SAP ergonomics is increasingly becoming a decisive factor when companies or users go for SAP solution (specially for Z/Customized solution as SAP standard already follows ergonomics)  and an important success factor for the acceptance of such solutions by user. Ergonomic in applications handle essential process steps with a few clicks. If an application is developed following SAP ergonomics, then more optimized is the application and easy to use the solution.

Although it's not a new topic, idea is just to familiarize SAP new comers and to give them idea before they start realizing application blindly. :???: