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Product and Topic Expert

What better time to share the new look and feel of the SAP Enterprise Support Security Value Map than during cyber security awareness month?

Security is often an afterthought for an employee and may seem invisible within an organization. Part of this is because security weaknesses or successful attacks are not generally brought to the attention of the general user or publicized unless there is a major breach, requirement to disclose or a 'fix' that must be shared.  Security is not something you have or don't have but a measure of risk that an organization accepts.  Maximum security is not the ultimate requirement at most companies as it requires a high effort and may limit functionality.  A risk analysis can help to derive what adequate security may look like and should include baseline measures and best practices at a minimum.  Keep in mind that security does not only protect against malicious attacks but also against unintended failures. It requires a focus on the design and operation of systems, controls and regulations are put in place with people at the center. 

Within SAP we have devised the SAP Secure Operations Map to give a more thorough look into the security aspects an organization should take into account during any phase of the software lifecycle. We have chosen to use this model to enhance our Enterprise Support Security Value Map.

Let's start with what the SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps are:

SAP Enterprise Support value maps are an empowerment and support program that leads you through the knowledge, skills, and services needed to address business challenges and adopt intelligent technologies. We have:

  • Prescriptive guidance - Structured content enables guided journey, simplification, and accelerated consumption of content

  • Expert access - SAP experts provide prescriptive guidance, best practices and technology insight

  • Social Collaboration - Forums allow you to exchange ideas and best practices with SAP experts and peers

  • Empowerment - Interactive learning formats to empower you with the knowledge and skills for realizing your deployment strategy

So, what is the SAP Secure Operations Map?

  • A reference model for structuring the broad area of security for content, discussions and a basis for a 360° view on security – i.e., you can't "order" a block, but you can allocate discussions, needs and solutions to specific security areas.

  • It focuses on the operational aspects of security – i.e., the tasks and considerations a customer or service provider must take into account to securely maintain and operate their systems and landscapes.

  • Further interpreted in the concrete context of SAP systems. The model could also be applied to non-SAP realms.

Getting an overview of the Secure Operations Map

By utilizing the Secure Operations Map within the SAP Enterprise Support value map for Security, we aim to help you efficiently build and run your SAP systems and landscapes in a secure manner.  We have learning journeys, which are interactive visual guides designed to help you complete your learning and empowerment path, for each layer of the Secure Operations map.  We touch upon all the building blocks within each layer.

Please note that this offering is available for all
SAP Enterprise Support or cloud customers.

Make use of the SAP Enterprise Support value map for security and the enablement offerings provided by the SAP Enterprise Support Academy.
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Further learnings available:

  • Register for the "Security Optimization Service" Expert-guided Implementation session

  • Register for the monthly Security Patch Day