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Last update:22-Dec-2017

NB: earlier, SAP Advanced SQL Migration was called ‘Exodus’. it was renamed in Q4 2017.


Yes, I've been quiet for a while in this space.

But I assure you, dear reader, that was not due to laziness.

We were, in fact, working heads-down on a bunch of things. For example: Exodus version 2.6, which has been available for a while now; a demo application to show how Exodus migrates applications (see next blog post, coming soon); a video of that demo (see same upcoming blog post); and a bunch customer engagements with Exodus.

To focus on Exodus version 2.6: the main new features are these:

  • Support for IBM DB2 as source DBMS (LUW platforms only). This means that the SAP Exodus migration tool now supports conversion from Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and DB2.

  • Conversion of MS SQL Server TRY-CATCH exception handling to ASE

  • A new GUI, solving a number of issues with the old GUI

  • Configurable transaction mode (chained/unchained) for converted SQL code

  • Improved handling of arbitrary data encodings

  • Conversion of synonyms (incl. Oracle public synonyms) for tables & views

  • Various performance improvement and bug fixes

Stay tuned for more!

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