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Business Data Toolset is a easy way to enhance different SAP Business Objects.

According to SAP Help:

All menu options not fixed in the menu can be included in this menu through additional functions. These additional functions can be reached through the following submenus:

·         Further object functions (<Object> menu)

·         Further editing (editing menu)

·         Additional goto destinations (Goto menu)

·         Additional extras (Extras menu)

In this article is an example of  "Go To" menu enhancement on SAP Business Partner.

1.     Run transaction BUPT

2.     Then go to Menu: Business partner -> Control -> GUI Functions - > Additional Functions (transaction code BUS9)

3. In the open transaction  create new Menu Item:

a)      a. Menu item description;

b)      b. Menu to Enhance;

c)      c. Mode, in which the function is available

If we leave “Application” empty, new function will be available from all Business partner lists.

a)      d. View  in which the new function is  available, empty – available everywhere

e.  e. The same as step D.

Now new function is available fron Menu “GoTo ->  More GoTo Targets”.

But we still need to assign functionality to the new menu item

To do this, perform following steps:

1.      1.  In transaction BUPT, go to Menu: Business partner -> Control -> Events ->Business Data Toolset (BUS7)

1.       2. Choose “FCODE     Separate Function Code”

2.       3. Copy any of the functions   to your own function.  As example I’ve copied function BUP_BUPA_EVENT_FCODE to the function ZCBP_BUPA_EVENT_FCODE_DOKBS.  And  have written such code. Parameter “I_FCODE” will contain menu name which we have created  earlier.

1.      4. Then we need to fill customizing table from step 3;

1.      6. Then we need to fill customizing table from step 3

Everything works. In my task, from BP other system must be launched ,

By means  of Business data toolset you can extend objects with customer screens, logic and check. All information you can find at -

I hope this information will be useful.

Best regards.

Pavel Rumyantsev