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With standard SAP, specification can be searched for only
one material. Using this document, specifications can be searched for
multiple materials.

Create FM ZEHS_OCC_SUB_FIND_BY_MAT_PARA with code in attached
the FM_PARA. This FM will be called to enter different materials(Selection )

Create FM ZEHS_OCC_SUB_FIND_BY_MAT with code in attached the
FM document. This FM to get materials for the selection

Create FM ZEHS_OCC_SUB_FIND_BY_MAT_CMD with code in attached
the FM_CMD. This FM to display the search results

EHS->Basic data->Basic settings->user exits->create below entry

After above steps, CG02 shows with above extended functionality

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Dear Rambabu

by applying some OSS notes CG02 is extended so that you will get the "same" functionality. You can now search for more than one mat number opr more tahn one spec number.

IN any case: thanks for highlighting this important part of EHS (how to extend Cg02) :smile:


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Dear Christoph,

which OSS notes are you referring to?



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Dear Maarten

this is a bundle of OSS notes which you need to be implemented. Actually I can not provide you the list of them but by implementing them EHS will get really very valuable :smile: :lol: :cool: new features.

I believe OSS notes should be released between Q3/2012 and today.


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