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Today when I am reading this SAP help, I find out this sentence:  

Then I have opened the definition of table DDLOG in the system and found I cannot directly view the content of field NOTEBOOK due to its data type LRAW.

So I have chosen one table with buffer activated, and made some changes on it.

Since I can only query this table via timestamp, I cannot figure out which entry is for my change on CRMC_PROC_TYPE.

Although I can fetch the content of NOTEBOOK in ABAP code via SELECT *, I do not how to parse this raw data to extract useful information.

So I perform where used list on this table:

Then I have found two useful stuff:

1. table buffer synchronization monitor

use report RSDBBUF3:

2. FM SBUF_SEL_DDLOG_RECS to parse content of field DDLOG-NOTEBOOK

I wrote a simple report to use this FM:

DATA: lt_sync_tab    TYPE sync_tab_t,
lv_tstamp_from TYPE ddlog-timestamp,
lv_tstamp_to TYPE ddlog-timestamp.
lv_tstamp_from = '20160621061955'.
lv_tstamp_to = '20160623000000'.
from_time = lv_tstamp_from
to_time = lv_tstamp_to
max_cnt = 10000
keep_db2_tstmp = 'X'
sync_tab = lt_sync_tab.
SORT lt_sync_tab BY tabname.

Now I can find the corresponding entry for my changes from changing parameter lt_sync_tab by table name:

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