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Scenario: We usually use the “Spool Recipient” of the SM37 Background Job  to send the Spool Outputs to designated users
in their Work Place Inbox.

Spool Recipient:

Workplace Inbox:

If you notice the Subject of the Item, it takes theBackground Jobs Name & Step Number & we obviously Didn’t Like that

What we did:

After some research, we stumbled upon one SAP Note which will allow us this to change.

Note number: 1101211 - Using spool request title as e-mail  title.

This Note allows you to set the Title of your Email to be  the Title of your Spool Request.

So, We thought if we could have our Spool contain the Namewhich we wanted, it would definitely flow to the Title of the Email sent to Workplace Inbox,

We went about this in 2 Steps

  1. Do what the SAP Note said

Run the Program RSPO0021 with the Below Parameters:

Once this is done, we proceed with a way to change the Spool Request Name.

2.   Since ours was a Custom Program calling a Standard Program, we passed the Name we wanted to the Spool Parameters Id along with the Calling

In the Below screenshot we call the Standard Program “RFEBCK00”,so in the Spool  Parameters we passed the needed values.

So, if your case is a Standard Program just change it in the Spool Title” while setting the Print Parameters.

After these changes we ran the Custom Program and went to check the Output and see if the Name on the work item is changed

We checked first if the Spool got the Name we wanted,

The above screen says we did!

Next, we want to check the all Important One

Thankfully the effort paid off !