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The Open Data Protocol (OData) was created to provide a simple, standardized way to interact with data on the web from any platform or device. This interface technology protocol for querying and updating data is meanwhile widely used in development of SAP business applications. Consequently, there is a strong need for corresponding test tools.

As OData services can offer quite complex business functionalities, OData services are considered as integration testing from the eCATT point of view. With the new OData test automation functions, a process chain of several OData service operations (e.g. create → change → delete) can be tested automatically. Also, required test data can be generated easily via OData calls for further tests of other services or even other application interfaces.

The test focus with the approach presented here is more on the straight-forward scenario testing. In contrast, data combinatorics should get addressed rather with unit testing on service provider side.

Technical Background

If you want to know how OData works at SAP in general and how the eCATT OData Test Architecture looks like, click here.

Creating OData Tests with the eCATT OData Assistant

For the testing of OData Services via eCATT, the eCATT Odata Assistant has been developed. Find out here, how you can test your OData services automatically using the assistant.

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