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In the last time I presented different integrations scenarios with ABAP in Eclipse:

  1. COM Meets ABAP

  2. FreeBASIC Meets ABAP

Here now another one: Python in the context of ABAP development with ABAP in Eclipse.

I presented four steps of using NetWeaver RFC library with Python:

  1. The Connection

  2. Invoke Functions

  3. Execute ABAP Report

  4. Read Table

To use Python with Eclipse I get the PyDev - Python IDE for Eclipse. After copying the files from the ZIP Archive in the features und plugins folder, the Python view is ready.

I copied one of my examples - ping - in the editor and add the line  # -*- coding: iso-8859-15 -*- on top of the source and all is ready to rumble.

You see, ABAP, Java via JCo and Python via NW RFC development peaceful side by side.


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