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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Myself and Eclipse:

Myself being a Java turned ABAP Programmer, frankly I was not that happy to code in the SAP GUI Editor, when I started working in ABAP, 7 years back. I used to boast my skillset in Eclipse IDE to my other colleagues who had no clue about how it looks like to code in Eclipse? I seriously thought those times, how good will it be to code ABAP in Eclipse?

Few features which I found difficult to manage with SAP GUI Editor coming from Eclipse background were:

1. Look and Feel of the Editor for Developer. (I believe the Quality of Code also depends on the Editor to some extent :smile: )

2. Working on multiple sessions that too limited to 6. (When I worked in Java, I had more than 10 Classes at a time in a single editor)

3. Missing shortcut keys to navigate to other objects and for different other functions.(Most of times, I heard from Developers, they don’t make use of Mouse when they work in Eclipse)

Myself and AiE:

Being said the experiences of a Developer, I was one of the first persons to feel so happy to hear the news that SAP is coming up with, ABAP in Eclipse Editor.Having the privilege to work in SAP, I kept in contact with the team which worked on the tool and got the first hand information, 2 years back.

Attended training on the same to get to know more features and finally got back to work connecting the available system of my product which has plugin for Eclipse. Though I work in Support team where I don’t get a chance to code extensively on latest development systems, I kept myself updated with the news on ABAP In Eclipse and rolled it out to my team and also invited colleagues from the corresponding team to have a Information Session on the same.

About the Feature Tour in AiE, I must say it is an Awesome Idea to educate people before they start coding in Eclipse. I finished the 3 stages of the Beginner Tour and felt great and got refreshed with the shortcuts.

My Favorite Features:

1. Link To Editor. (Link the object in project explorer)

2. CTRL + SHIFT + L (List of shortcuts)

To Start with ABAP in Eclipse Features and to earn a Badge, visit

brijesh.singh alex.salnikov , try it out for yourself if haven't tried in past. It's a cool thing!