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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Hi ABAP community,

the new client version 2.73 of the ABAP development tools for eclipse is out now. This is the client that perfectly fits to the AS ABAP version 7.51 SP01 but it comes with a really cool addition to the ABAP editor breadcrump which is usable on all ABAP release versions.

I'm sure you know this situation in your daily life as an ABAP developer. You are coding on a long deeply nested ABAP code with selects, loops and if statements. But you have completely lost the overview in which part of the nested statement you are currently code. In the SE80 you now typically look on the footer line of the editor to see where you are. And what about Eclipse? In ADT you now look on the top of the editor and you will find the breadcrump with nested statement information:



In the breadcrump you see all the information that you need. It is even better that in SE80 because you can also hover on the statement and you see the full statement:


Or you click on the small triangle to see the full outline of the class in the breadcrump.




What do you think? Isn't this a cool Monday morning surprise 🙂


And this is not all. For all of you having already installed 7.51 SP01, you can now also create DDIC domains with a native ADT editor. See the blog post from Wolfgang Wöhrle to learn more about it:


Have Fun.

Regards Thomas,