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Dear community, recently I used ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC) to check an old report. The selection screen of the report uses an own GUI Status. To my surprise, ATC reported two errors:

  1. BC-ABA-LA / CL_CI_TEST_USAB_GUI / TEXV-231 (something like "suggestion text was not replaced").

  2. BC-ABA-LA / CL_CI_TEST_USAB_GUI / PFKR-214 (something like "standard function is bound to wrong function key").

Bam! As I said before, I was really surprised. Unfortunately there were no further details. But the friendly hint that there is neither a pseudo comment nor a pragma to deactivate the messages. I love that 😉

Basically you could say: It's an old report. So it doesn't matter. But what about when the ATC test result decides whether something can be transported into production system?

Well, I spend some time to check. Since the cause had to be the GUI status, I examined this development object. After a while I discovered the "ergonomics check" function in the "check" menu. What a joy! There was a lot more information about the cause and options to solve. So I was able to fix the errors. Just had to enter a text and change the function key of a function.

Then, to my surprise, I got an interesting dynpro area warning. 93b1c542d4984f0e9a75a57ce6030ff3 wrote about that warning in question and answers section (thanks to him for his effort).

Well, some days you're just out of luck 😉



Best regards, thanks for reading and stay healthy