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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
In release 7.50, I introduced the full text search in the ABAP Keyword Documentation for ADT, aka the Web Version of the keyword documentation that you can also start with program ABAP_DOCU_WEB_VERSION.

Soon after that, it became clear that selecting the full text search in the SAP GUI version of the documentation by using a radiobutton in the search pop-up isn't too comfortable. This is especially true, if the documentation is already displayed.

Therefore, with release 7.51 double quotation marks (") can also be used in the input field of the documentation display in the still widely used SAP GUI version of the ABAP Keyword Documentation to enforce a full text search for a search term.

In order to find the single words instead of the full expression, you use:

I myself mostly use the new way now ...

Again you might ask why not much earlier, but on the other hand the standard index search is good enough for most use cases 😉