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For project reasons I need to find all tables whose fields have used a given table say COMM_PRODUCT as check table.

The only information I know is that such kind of table metadata is stored in table with name prefix DD*. Unfortunately there are huge number of table starting with DD:

How to efficiently find the exact one by yourself?

1. Make the check table field selected, and press F1:

In popup dialog, click this icon to display technical information:

Unfortunately, the found DD03P_D is a structure, so it is not possible to view it via tcode SE16. Nevertheless let's write down the field name CHECKTABLE.

2. Go to SE80 -> Repository information system, double check ABAP Dictionary -> Fields -> Table fields, type field name as CHECKTABLE and search

The DD08L seems to be the table I am looking for.

Double confirm in SE16:

Confirmed :smile: