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I would like to get a list of all classes which have methods registered to the event NEW_FOCUS of CL_BSP_WD_COLLECTION_WRAPPER.

When I try to use "where used list", I  wait more than ten minutes and could not get search result. It seems the number of hits are too large.

So I schedule the search as background job by clicking button "In the Background". However it still took long time for me to get the result.

then I try repository information system in SE80:

Unfortunately it just return the class which defines that event.

I know I can use ST05 to find the transparent table which stores the definition of class method. However there is a more rapid way.

Use tcode SM50, then I found the long-running process for where used list function. It clearly shows that the process is reading on view VSEOCOMPDF.

Have a look at this view in SE11:

Then I try with table SEOCOMPODF:

Then I got the list: