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What should be the procedure for export parameter in CATT

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Hello Everybody,

I am working with CATT, and the transactions are <b>ME21N</b> and <b>MIGO</b>.

when i am executing the transaction <b>ME21N</b> i will get the <b>Pur Ord No</b>in the message, and i would like to export <b>Pur Ord No</b> to the transaction <b>MIGO</b> as thr is one field named Purch.ord no in Migo.

what should be the Procedure for exporting a parameter?


Regards Afroz

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Hello Afroz,

If you are using eCATT then following is the procedure of capturing messages in the two recording methods - TCD & SAPGUI.

=> TCD Recording Mode:

In TCD recording mode, after dobleclicking on Interface name from the TCD command in the editor on left side, just before the MSG folder DYNPRO folder will appear on right side.

-This DYNRPO folder contains the screen sequences contain the screen occurred during recording time. The last Dynpro of this folder contains the messages occurred during recording.

-Select this last folder & click on Simulate Screen icon of the same Interface editor. It will redirect to the screen where the message values exist. There select the Purchase Order Number and click on Read Field Value icon. Give the name of Export Variable.

The export variable will contain the value of the purchase order number, which can be passed to MIGO.

=> SAPGUI Recording Mode:

In the SAPGUI recording mode, the screen on which the message appeared will be used to capture the variable name, which is Purchase Order Number in this case.

If the Purchase Order Number is second variable of the message displayed(e.g. Purchase Number 2122323 Is Created)

then use the following code -



SAPGUI ( ME21N_4001_STEP_5 ).


  • Assing the value from the message to the export

  • parameter

P_EC_PurOrdNo = E_MSG_1-[1]-MSGV2.

There are total four MSGV1-MSGV4 variables. Dobule click on MSG_1 of the MESSAGE statement above. Putting the value in the export variable from the right message variable will give the purchase order number.This can be passed as MIGO.


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Hello SAP Developer,

Thanks for the answer.

but i am doing this in CATT not in eCATT thats the problem.

when i execute the transaction of <b>Me21N </b> i am able to get <b></b>. that purchase order number which is in the message i want to export to the transaction Migo (as thr exists Purchase order number as field in Migo).

what i did is, i recorded me21n and migo in the same Test Case, so that all the parameters of ME21n and Migo are in the same test case. i made message of ME21N as an export parameter(the message field whr i got Purchase order number while recording) and the import parameter(purchase order number which is import parameter in migo)i changed to variable.for varaible i used the field reference of export parameter. but i am not able to get that purch.order number in the variable at run time.

if this procedure is wrong could u let me know how to do this in CATT.


Regards Afroz

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Hello Afroz,

I never worked with CATT :o(.

-Make three test cases. One is Parent containing both child cases of ME21N & MIGO.

- Record ME21N. You will get Purchase Order number as an export parameter there.

- Record MIGO and Make the Purchase Order Number as an import parameter.

- In the third case, combine the two by changing the export parameter to Variable type. Give this variable as an input value to Import Purchase Order Number of MIGO.

Try executing with proper data.

Hope this should work in CATT!


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Hello Developer,

Thanks for the reply, i ve solved it.

if thr is some doubt while working on ECATT i will ask u. Hope u will respond.

thanks again.