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Very Bad Performance - IDOC, LSMW

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Hi all!

The members of consultant team are very concerned regarding of the performance showed by the Application Server during an initial load of clients. For these loads they use many txt files with many records. They say me that the performance is very bad and the server is processing less than 3 records/sec. There are more than 700.000 records to process...

From SM50 i can view that the process is using one PID that is consuming 100% of 1 processor. There are 4 CPUs available but just one is being used. The table being modified is VBAP and i can see just "Sequential read" en acction field... I know these processes are very resource intensive, but it seems to me that something is not OK. What can i do to diagnose the problem? Maybe something related to developing?

Thanks to all!

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Hi Andres,

You can process multiple idocs by a single user.

User the transaction code RZ12 to configure parallel servers.

And in BD87 in parallel mode select the option as parallel processing option and execute the job.

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