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Using BOFC web services to extract data

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I am using BOFC web services to extract package data from SAP Business Object Financial Consolidation 10 (sp10).

To test the extraction the data from WebService I used SoupUi tool.

In SoupUi, the method “ExportPackageData” shows the error is “Invalid arguments Reporting ID / accountable unit: the value must be a valid packet value.”

These are the input parameters:

Can you help me please?

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Daulet,

What you are passing is not something that identifies a package. You pass the ID of a report, which would not be useful

A package is identified by 3 values:

category (CA)

data-entry period (DP)

entity (RU)


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Thx, for your response. But I needed more detailed information.

As a ReportingIds, I have entered “int” from (Package Manager ---> Reporting Unit (code)) Look pic 1. This is equal 20010002.

As a dimensionIds, I have entered “int” from (Dimension Builder -->Reference table --> Entity --> ID). Look pic 2. This is equal 10513.

But, the result was the same; I got similar error as a previous time.

Maybe, ReportingIds is package ID, but I couldn’t find any package ID in FC system?

Also, what value is dimensionIds? Is dimensionIds value of entity ID?

If it is possible could you help me please to identify the values of the filter tree?

Can you help me please? Thanks...