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Space Bar does not display previous entered values in sap screens?

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Hi Experts,

  the Space bar does not displaying the previous entered values. I have checked the Options->Local data->History Status and it is switched ON and also it is set for the High Speed connection(LAN).

But still i am not getting the SPACE BAR help in SAP Screens!

Please help me on this issue.



Vasantha D.

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Answers (1)

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Hello Vasantha ,

Does the "backspace" key work?

For all SAPgui questions of any type, it's recommended that you always provide the SAPgui version and patchlevel being used.

Please also advise:

2) Does the issue depend on the patchlevel applied?

If yes,what patch was applied before the issue started to occur?

3)Are all users affected with this issue?

4)If a small or one user is affected, does this issue occur if the

user logs onto another workstation?

5) Where a small number of users are affected, please run the

installation check using the nwcheckworkstation command and upload the

cab file to the incident.

6)Were there any other recent changes before the issue occurred?