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Session out problem in CUP and ERM 5.3 Support Pack 07.

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Hello All,

Facing frequently session out problem in CUP and ERM i.e. when we cannot access or click on the open screen of CUP & RAR for few minutes (4-5 Mins)u2026..Error page will pop out with following messages :-

1. Your session has expired

2. You tried to click on stale link.

3. You tried to perform an action that is not valid in the current context.


Below mentioned values are available in Visual Administrator

Logon to Visual Administrator

1) Go to Global Configuration -> Select 'Server'(Tab)

2) Select Services

3) Go to Http Provider

4) set the property 'ServletsLongDataTransferTimeout' to 180000

5) Restart J2EE

Can we increase the value of 'ServletsLongDataTransferTimeout' - 180000 to more?

Please help me on this ASAP.



Edited by: JagatBir Singh on May 2, 2010 6:53 AM

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Answers (3)

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Hi Jagat,

I've faced the similar issue at another customer but for SP08.

Anyways, try this weird solution, it helped me as there exist some issue in the server cache.

1. Go to the IVeiw where the time-out error is occuring.

2. Right click that page and click "refresh".

this refreshes the "XML" linkage for that particular screen and the "jsp" as well as servlet cache. Hope it works for you as well. The config at visual admin is ok.


Aman C

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Session time out can be configured (in Minutes) in "web.xml" file which is at the following location


Here is the format




Jack Stiels

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Follow the instructions mentioned by Jack, "30" is the value that defines the session period and it has to be defines in minutes.

Best Regards,

Sirish Gullapalli.

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In SAP FSCM Biller Direct package j2ee\cluster\server0\apps\\isucesear\servlet_jsp\bdisu\root\WEB-INF

I defined session time out for 30 minutes in web.xml but session stays for several hours, any idea?



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Edited by: vish@sap on May 3, 2010 8:55 AM

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More information on above issue:-

We are getting an Session time out error after certain time in the

portal for the CUP.

We have CUP ,embedded in portal.We have intergrated the Portal with SSO

and the so the CUP, so that user need not enter the backend

password.When user logs into portal,clicks on Security access tab (CUP

link in portal) and leave it unattented for very short time (3-4

mins);and error is popping up.But it opens up when clicked on the User

logon Tab .Please refer attachment for screen shot of the error.

Steps for Reconstruction

1.Login to CUP from potal.

2.Keep it unattended for 1-2 mins

3.CLick on screen.Error pops up.Pls refer attachment for

the screen shot.

Note :- "KeepAliveTimeout" parameter in the HTTP Node within the J2EE Config tool under dispatcher was also

increased to 30 mins.

@ Frank Koehntopp ,Alpesh Parmar please help me on this.