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SAP Testing-beginner

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Hi friends,

I am very new to testing concepts.I am familiar with abap concepts very recently,Wanted to learn testing also.

colud some one please guide to learn the techinuques in SAP testing from the scratch.

I have fwe basic questions tooo....

1.what is test script

2.what is test plan

3.what is test cases

4.what is automated test scripting

5.what are automated test tool.

Friends, kindly guide me to walk through this environment.

Thanks in Advance


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Answers (2)

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the "sprint" way to learn about this topic is to read the precedent questions in this forum.



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I have felt that a test plan and test script is kind of being one and the same. They are pathways for testing a process or item. I may or may not be right.

Test cases are a groups of test plans that are grouped together to test different aspects of a process.

Test case for Sales orders could include the following test planes which would be their own scripts.

Create Order

Change order

Add line items

Deleted line items

Change qty of line items

Return order

So each time a change was made to the Sales Order area you would run Test Case “Sales Order” which would include the above listed test cases.

Automated scripting - A simple text batch file could also be thought as a automated script. Scripting can be used in day to day processes as well as in testing. Some common testing scripting tools are eCATT, WinRunner, LoadRunner, and QuickTest.

To go a little farther, I use Test Director to manage our test plans, and test cases.