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GRC 10.0 Batch Risk Analysis E:GRAC_SOD job

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Anyone know that the E:GRAC_SOD job is about, which system creates after I run batch risk analysis in GRC 10.0?  The predecessor jobs, GRAC_BATCH_RISK_ANALYSIS and two GRAC_SOD* jobs, completed fine.  I see no errors in SLG1, and my management dashboards look OK.   The "E:" seems to imply "error", but I can't see any problems.   Since the job runs step RBANK_PROC_START, I'm not even sure how to tell what it's trying to do.  Looking for some sort of explanation of this job's purpose.



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Hello Heraleen,

The "E" in the job name " E:GRAC_SOD" stands for event driven job and it doesnot mean Error but I am not sure what this job does.

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