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functional spec

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Hi every body,

i am new to sap i was trained on sap mm. i want to know how to write a Functional specs in sap mm ?  Please explain me with an example

Thanks in advance

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hi Latheef

I'm sure you have found Rohan's reply helpful.  If you need more help, go to my website, WWW.SAPGUIDE.CO.UK  where you can read through my blogs to get a better understanding of why we use functional specs, and download my free functional spec template which includes some hints on how to complete it.  I have also written a book specifically for new consultants on how to write functional specs.  The book is available in printed or e-book format through Amazon if you think that would also help you.



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Hi lateef,

              Well we write FS in order to give a clear picture to Abaper like what exactly any end user is expecting. U need to have clear undrestanding about tables, what should be the input criteria & what is the output expected. Also if there is any additonal logic that needs to be incorporated then u need to mention that too.

Lets take a small case where a end user is asking for a report where he wants material code, material description & material group.

He will give input as material number only

Firstly u need to know how many tables are involved & how are they linked

here the tables involved are MAKT,MARA

So the logic will be as follows,

For material description,

Go in MATNR, Input will be MATNR(Material Code), Out put will be MAKTX (material Description)

Secondly for material group,

Go to Table MARA,

Input will be MATNR, output will be MATKL (material Group)

So in the input screen u can ask for material Code, In the output u can get Material No, Material Description & Material Group.

Secondly if u are going for an entire new development including fields, then u need to mention the field name,length, character(Numeric, alpha numeric etc) too.

If you want any screen enhancements then u need to have information about BADI, Exits etc. Logic for the same needs to be written

If you are going for any smart form then u need to make a template may be in excel.

Well I'm sharing a FS template with you. Sorry cannot share word file. Hence attaching text file

Hope all this helps you.

Thanks & Regards,

Rohan Somji