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evDRE vs evGET - DRE pulls wrong data

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BPC 5.1 SP3

I added one calculated member to the second hierarchy of a two-hierarchy user-defined dimension. The H2 formula is this:


F_3RDNETSALES and F_3RDGROSSPFT are parent levels. My calculated FuncAccount member is the only member in the dimension with a formula.

Here's the issue:

When I do an any-by-any with months and year in the columns, correct values are returned for each period of my calc member. However, a similar DRE shows zeros in the months and a (correct) amount in the year.

Both the any-by-any and DRE work correctly if I change the member's formula to:


Any ideas why the DRE is not returning all the data?

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Answers (2)

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Are there any issues with having a parent with only one child in a hierarchy? I seem to have fixed my issue by adding a second child to a parent that only had one child. Once I added this second one, the totals flowed through. I even get data in the DRE when I suppress zeros in the DRE (to hide the new child that has not data).

Seems to be an issue with parents only having one child where evDRE does not work. Has anyone else had similar experiences?

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It is not because after you added the new child and trigger process dimension/application, right ?

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Hi John

Have you done optimization on that application ?

I have experience where I missed data and run application optimization fixed it.