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EAM: Firerighter not able to return request to Controller

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Hi Gurus,

After upgrade of AC 10.0 to SP18 we have a problem with EAM log review workflow.

If Controller uses "Other Actions->Request Information", the request goes properly to the FireFighter user, however user could only display (does not have privileges to send it back to the Controller). This function worked before upgrade to SP18 for all users on the same roles.

In trace we have found that for object: GRAC_ACTN there is missing value for field GRFNMW_PRC=GRAC_EAM_WORKFLOW_DISPLAY

Looks like SAP added this new value as a part of SP18, however that value could not be selected from the value list for field: GRFNMW_PRC.

Adding manually this value does not help

We have found SAP Note which should fix it:

2095396 - No authorisation check for the display user at workflow

What is interesting - that note is part of SP18  However correction instruction for this note are empty .... so could not be implemented...

Any ideas? Anyone had similar problem?

Best regards, Andrzej

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Problems solved with in SP21 with SAP Note 2167253

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