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Deploying an existing WAR file into the Portal

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I have downloaded the Enterprise Portal and the SAP Netweaver Developer Studio (NDS) and have succeeded in creating a couple of projects of the ‘Hello World’ variety and deployed them on the Portal! So far, so good.

The problem I have is that need to deploy on the Portal an existing JSP/Struts application of ours which is available as a Web Archive (WAR) file.

The problem is that I cannot find a way of deploying an existing WAR file on the Portal – either via a Project or otherwise. I have found an entry in the Help files with the NDS which sounds promising, as it is entitled ‘Import a .WAR File into a new project’. However, the menu entry it says you should use (File ‑> Import ‑> MDK: Import a web archive (.WAR) into a new project) this last entry does not exist on my installation of NDS.

Any ideas or suggestions?

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Hi Dave,

The easiest is to use the Deploy Tool and create an .EAR file out of your .WAR.

The Deploy Tool is a standalone java application that comes with the Web AS J2EE Engine (that SAP Enterprise Portal also runs on). You can find the DeployTool.bat batch file under "C:\usr\sap\---\JC30\j2ee\deploying" where --- is the System Identifier for your installation.

Basically, you will need to create an EAR project and add your WAR file into it. Then create the EAR file. The DeployTool can also deploy the created EAR file.

More information on DeployTool can be found <a href="">here.</a>



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Hi Mustafa (and All) - thanks you very much for your answers, which has enabled me to make good progress.

I have created a project in the Deploy Tool, imported a simple WAR file into it, loaded to project and depployed it on my instance of the Portal - or at least I have deployed it as far as the Deploy Tool is concerned.

However, when I try to find it in the Portal in order to assign it to an iView in the Portal content, I can't find any evidence of its existence!!

As another 'tack' in the NDS I have created an 'Enterprise Application Project', into which I appear to have imported the WAR file - but I cant package this as a PAR file, which is what I seem to need to do to get it into an iView on the Portal. To create a PAR package I seem to need to create a 'Portal Application Project' - but I can't find a way of getting the WAR file into that!!

Any further advice would be greatefully received.

Thanks for your help to date and thanks in advance for any more you may be able to give.



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If u want the application in portal, u have develop as a portal application. The application u have deployed will be a WebAS application only which can be run as http://server:port/context_path/home.jsp for example. But in portal, it is http://server:port/irj/portal/. (the component name). So remember the application u have deployed is not a irj component. The existence of the application in the server can be seen from Visual Admin. Go to (Instance) ->Services ->Deploy. Click on the application radio button at the bottom. Scroll and see ur application as

Hope that helps.


Harini S