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CUP Manager Plus 1 Escalation Functionality

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I am attempting to configure CUP, using LDAP as my source system, to obtain manager level approval. I have configured LDAP fields so my request auto populates the user / manager information. However, my company is interested in escalating the manager request to the manager's manager after 3 days. I don't see how to perform this function. I have reviewed the Best Practice documentation regarding escalations and none of their solutions seem to work. Their solution involves physically mapping a step up manager within the Alternate Approve box in the manager stage. That does not address a situation in which a company has say more than one manager. Hence, I have to assume the world is using different stages, detours or paths to accomplish this functionality.


(1) Can I build a custom field so to pull in the manger's manger from LDAP if such a field exists and then use it to notify this new manager after the 3 day duration?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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This is not possible directly in CUP.

Yes, you can build this field in CUP and you should be able to map it to an LDAP field via LDAP mapping. Only thing is, you need to make sure that such a field exists in LDAP.



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