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Community Manager
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In our sea of 1.6 million members do you think you can find 30 seconds for a small challenge? It's actually a pretty simple challenge and one that you do everytime you walk into a room with new people.

I'd like anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes from you (audio or video) telling me, who you are. Maybe you play an instrutment, wrote a book, were/are a DJ, ran track? Who are you? For many of you this community has become an extension to your working environment and so your fellow coworkers are now wondering, "who are you?"

Do you know who was a college DJ? Do you know who wrote a book about moving to a new country? How about who used to teach ABAP to at least a 3 or 4 of the SAP Mentors?

The following video clip is just a short example of what you could do, the question now is will you do it?



Excellent I'm glad you decided you would do it, quite simple once you do it - you can post it to the SDN TV or BPX TV, upload it to YouTube or even contact me via email and I'll put it online for you.

For what I hope will become a growing collection, you can find them all here.