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Since the use of wikis became publically known in SDN/BPX late in 2006, there has been a concerted effort by the owners of the environment to get forum members to make use of the capability.  Unfortunately, it looks like there is still a tendency to either post questions in forums or blog in the blog arena.  This blog is trying to capture some of the reasons for the lack of acceptance of working with wikis within the community, and I thought that getting reasons for using it and/or not using it may be informative.  I think that the fact that I am making a blog of this is indicative of the problem! If I wanted to get the same results by posting to a forum, I would need to work out which forum(s), and it would quickly be hidden by the regular traffic in the forum. I also suspect that many members of the community only watch their topic areas.  The wiki format doesn't lend itself to a question/answer style along these lines - which is why the push is more to the FAQ style of content. In the portal wiki I started a FUQ (Frequently Unanswered Questions) to get a list of topics that people think would be handy for wiki content to be created about, but the result has been less than spectacular.  As an extra question, how many people regularly click on the Wiki link at the top of the page to see what's new?  Do you think that the lack of detailed information about wiki in he link in the header area labelled "How to contribute" is an issue?  Incidentally, please don't mention the issue of wiki and points! It has been covered in some of the forums to some depth, for those who would like to get the gory details....  I know that there are people like Marilyn and others who are certainly keen to make use of the wiki area, and this blog is not meant to pre-empt any thing they are trying to do.