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You have a workflow question such as who has built an ESS workflow and what needs to be taken into account? Just pop ESS workflow into the entry field and press the search button. Updated on Thanksgiving day

Google will come up with more than ten pages of hits. Yes more than T-E-N pages. This is all thanks to the collaborative efforts of a teeming workflow community, eager to learn and share their knowledge.

I admit that it is a shame we haven't been able to entice this SAP workflow community over to SDN, but the MIT forum was simply there first and its users have got used to the e-mail interface. However, searching the forum from the comfort of SDN is still a great step forward.

If you look closely at the results you'll see that out o the twenty to thirty posts a day there are far more answers than questions which may seem a little strange at first. That's just a symptom of workflow engineering in general where there is usually more than one way of solving a problem and it's a matter of swings and roundabouts which you choose. It's not just a matter of personal preferences, either, but of company preferences as well. For example it can be about how a particular release strategy or escalation process is handled and how technology issues, such as e-mail notifications or portal integration are handled.

So many thanks, MIT, for leading the way all those years ago. And many thanks to the multi-talented and ever-patient Sue Keohan for making this a success. The search tip comes from Athur Krishna - such a simple but effective idea.

BTW, to find this blog just search for "workflow forum".

Happy hunting.