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Visual Composer for CE


Major features coming up for Visual Composer 7.2*

  • Visual Composer & BPM Integration
    SAP NetWeaver BPM is a flexible framework for designing and running user-centric collaborative processes and reusable workflows.
    Seamless integration between BPM and Visual Composer

          o Break-out from a BPM Step and automatically generate the Visual Composer
          o Consume existing Visual Composer UIs and add them to the business


  • Model Debugging
    Visual Composer models can be debugged in NWDI using the generic debugger framework of eclipse.


With the release of Visual Composer 7.2, we have completed the main product road map and Visual Composer has become a fully-supported mature SAP development environment.  In our next releases we will be focusing on quality, stability, and usability enhancements, together with limited scope features derived from customers' specific requirements.



Visual Composer 7.0

In light of the progress made relating to parity between Visual Composer 7.0 and Visual Composer CE, our investment in Visual Composer 7.0 will be limited to maintenance after the release of enhancement package 2 for SAP NetWeaver 7.0. We are confident that with the provisions made for migration to Visual Composer 7.1 enhancement package 1 or Visual Composer 7.2 and the great feature set in Visual Composer for enhancement package 2 for SAP NetWeaver 7.0, our existing customers running Visual Composer 7.0 will enjoy the best of both worlds: the option to upgrade to Visual Composer 7.2 or to stay with the latest release of Visual Composer 7.0.


Don't miss us at Teched '09.(Session UP104).


(*) - Visual Composer will be released as part of CE 7.2 which will be released at the end of this year.