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Join SAP, EY and Loudhouse for the next webinar in our Strategic CFO Webinar Series entitled "GRC in the Digital Board Room" at 3.00pm GMT/4.00pm CET/10.00am EST on Tuesday, 15th December.

The world is going digital. The board room is no exception. Information not digitized will not be consumed by senior management and the board. In order to influence strategy, contribute to business performance and receive resources, business managers and professionals must recognize the impact of the move to a digital board room and the challenges and opportunities it presents.

Governance, risk and compliance professionals face a particular challenge. GRC practitioners have largely failed to exploit the full potential of technology.  Not only are they failing to collaborate and innovate and drive down costs, they are facing a diminished role in influencing the stewardship of the enterprise. Manual GRC processes produce little digital information. Automation is essential. Professional opinions on risk, control and compliance matters must be supported by data that can be visualized and analyzed.

Please join our Webcast, "GRC in the Digital Board Room," at 3.00pm GMT/4.00pm CET/10.00am EST on Tuesday, December 15th, where you will:

  • Understand how governance, risk and compliance practitioners are using technology today.
  • Learn how finance is embracing the transformation to a digital board room and embracing the 3 Lines of Defense framework as a basis for reporting to the digital board room.
  • Explore the data required by the 3 Lines of Defense and the capabilities required to be successful.

Register today for this informative session.