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When asked to name the perfect pairing, many people’s minds immediately jump to an all-time classic – peanut butter and jelly. While the two spreads are perfectly satisfying individually, consuming them in unison brings the flavor of each to a whole new level.

At SAP, our engineers and product experts are constantly developing new product and service innovations, but our industry is evolving at a dramatic pace and there is always room for improvement. And to that end, just because a modern business has begun to make strides in its digital transformation journey, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t updates, enhancements or additional solutions that could be added to the mix to maximize efficiency.

That’s why at SAP, we’ve been working to establish the same “peanut butter and jelly effect” in the digital economy, through the SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council (SAP ESAC). Focused on co-innovation, the open program brings SAP Enterprise Support customers together with SAP support specialists to integrate valuable customer feedback into SAP support offerings, and provide participating customers with access to the latest support innovations and hands-on expert advice.

One Great Combo, Endless Possibilities

One of the best aspects of the combination of peanut butter and jelly is that it doesn’t limit you to a sandwich. Crackers, doughnuts, waffles – they’re all fair game for the sweet and savory mixture. The SAP ESAC has adopted the same mentality, by offering participating customers five different workstreams to experiment and innovate within.

Regardless of whether a customer is collaborating with SAP experts through the SAP Cloud Solutions, Integration, SAP S/4HANA, SAP S/4HANA Cloud or SAP Lenardo – Digital innovation workstream, they are given exclusive access to the latest support innovations in their focus of choosing. The close engagement between SAP experts and the unique customer ensures that a new support offering element is made as agile as possible before its general availability via SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps, which help to further accelerate learning and utilization of support. The results speak for themselves – as of last year, over 50 new value map registrations were established through our 185 participating ESAC customers.

Classic, and Cost-Effective

Another plug for peanut butter and jelly is that both foods aren’t very costly, and require little-to-no prep time. With a few utensils and ingredients, you can have a full meal whipped up in minutes. Similarly, the customer-expert combination facilitated by the SAP ESAC is free of charge to participating SAP Support customers. Additionally, the one-on-one onboarding, guidance in best practices, and resources provided through the program make opening the door to business optimization almost as streamlined as opening a jar.

SAP ESAC member Stara knows this first hand. As one of the largest Brazilian manufacturers of agricultural machinery, Stara prides itself as being an innovation-driven company. With a steadily growing employee base of more than 2,000, the company set out to expand its 2014 adoption of SAP Business Suite by optimizing its HR and sales processes through SAP ESAC’s SAP Cloud Solutions workstream. The technical stability provided by direct access to SAP experts enabled Stara to implement SAP SuccessFactors in a way that cut training costs and time commitment in half, without sacrificing employee collaboration.

Just like the winning combination of peanut butter and jelly has proven to withstand the test of time, the innovations molded through the SAP ESAC will be reflected in the SAP support offerings and the success of SAP customers for years to come. Are you ready to become a part of this impact? Contact us today to let us know your preferred focus topic.

By Rodrigo Anibarro, SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council, Global Program Lead, SAP