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SAP Mentors are living and working all over the world. To keep everyone informed and up to date we are using webinars extensively, as it allows us  to let people participate wherever they are. With recording it also enables us to time shift these sessions. Even though with the recording you can only join the conversation afterwards.

So we are hosting 2-3 of these webinars every week and over time have come up with quite the elaborate flow, that I am introducing in this little video.

In short we are following a flow that is supported by different layouts that the web host can quickly shift in between.

  • Introduction with the webcameras taking center stage.
  • Sharing layout: The presentation slides or sharing of a computer screen are the focus.
  • Q&A: The two chat pots are brought to the foreground.
  • Final check how the webinar was and good bye

Where the sessions come alive is during the Q&A, as the SAP Mentors have an enormous wealth of expertise, their questions are usually bringing the dialog forward. Or highlighting an aspect that people where not aware off before, may be by highlighting an aspect from a different part of the world.

This is why we limit the presentation part to maximum 30 minutes, to give the Q&A portion ample time to develop.

Check it out! You may want to join us during our traditional SAP Mentor Mondays.

May 6th it is going to be the second part of the New SAP Mentor introduction happening at 4pm PST.