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Packaged solutions deliver VALUE!  What do you get with a SAP Rapid-Deployment Solution?:

  1. Standard SAP software, preconfigured to address the most common business needs
  2. Implementation services specifically designed to get the software up and running in weeks
  3. Content in the form of SAP best practices, tools and templates
  4. Enablement to help end users quickly adopt the new solution

Rapid-deployment solution content and end-user enablement are the “secret sauce” that help ensure you quickly get VALUE out of your investment.

Each package includes a set of content and tools, based on our experience with helping thousands of customers to implement successfully. They are real-world, tested services assets and accelerators, and they are introduced within a logical procession in our Step-by-Step guides and rapid deployment solution methodologies.

You can view a sample Step-by-Step guide here.

By helping to make the overall implementation process faster and more efficient, you get immediate value in saved time and resources.

And of course, once you get the new solution implemented, you’ll want your end-users to start using it right away so you can ensure a quick return on investment.  SAP Rapid Deployment solutions provide guides and educational material to speed end-user adoption so you can immediately start getting value from your new solution.

Want to hear our customers talk about how they maximized value and minimized risk with SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions? Then check out this video with Ace Hardware and Westinghouse:

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