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We've made a few changes in response to what we've heard and observed from our customers. These changes have been significant within SAP, but, more importantly, we've made these changes in order to fulfill the role our customers expect us to take in their transformation to Run Simple.

Here's the basic story line of how SAP is transforming the way in which we engage with customers:

  • SAP has a long history of groundbreaking transformation – It’s in our DNA.
  • Running a business has become complex. SAP is fighting complexity, just like our customers.
  • We’re leading by example by becoming a model company for the Run Simple principle.
  • How we’re helping companies Run Simple
  • Run Simple with service and support from SAP
  • Our simplified approach that helps companies reimagine their business

Enabling groundbreaking transformations through technology

SAP was founded on the desire to transform the IT industry. The pioneering spirit of our founders led to the development of enterprise resource planning software that forever changed the way companies do business. Our solutions have stood the test of time and throughout every economic and IT shift, we’ve helped customers run better every day. Today, our experience and forward-thinking creativity are putting our customers at the forefront of the digitalization of business.

SAP is fighting complexity, just like our customers

Running a business is becoming increasingly complex. Our customers have grown their businesses in scope and breadth, and we have grown with them. We offer solutions that help our customers navigate dramatic changes in market dynamics, acquisitions, layers of management, and new offerings. But the technology that helps businesses navigate these changes can add complexity as well. So as our customers are working to simplify in order to be more agile and competitive, we are as well..

A key strength of SAP for over 40 years is that we understand our customer’s businesses, how they need to run and provide a comprehensive set of solutions that enable them to do so. From world-class business management software and a revolutionary in-memory platform to cloud-based applications, mobile apps, and connected networks, our solutions help companies run better across all major geographies and industries. We are now simplifying the way companies can consume these innovations, making them more accessible and focused on specific business outcomes.

Lead by example. Become a model company of the Run Simple operating principle.

In order for us to help our customers Run Simple, SAP must Run Simple. We have all grown to expect speed and simplicity in our everyday communications and transactions. Shouldn’t we also expect the same level of speed and simplicity in the enterprise? At SAP, we have simplified how we do business – from how our software is built, deployed, and consumed through the way we interact and engage our customers.

Helping companies Run Simple

While technology can contribute to the problems associated with complexity, it can also offer a solution, when applied correctly. Mastering complexity means simplifying our solutions so it’s easier for our customers to make decisions, execute business processes, and consume technology. Identifying the path to achieve this level of simplicity takes years of practical experience solving the world’s most complex technological challenges. That’s where service and support from SAP helps.

To improve our ability to help companies Run Simple and to fulfill the role of strategic partner our customers demand, we’ve redefined how customers engage service and support from SAP. This unified engagement model is focused on helping our customers adopt the strategies, best practices, and accelerators needed to meet their business goals and objectives.

Run Simple with service and support from SAP

To help companies Run Simple, we’ve unified service and support from SAP as follows:

  • Removed organizational constraints which complicated the customer experience
  • Consolidated all service and support functions to streamline solution engagements
  • Developed a new engagement model that takes a value-based approach and helps companies begin to build simple
  • Streamlined our portfolio to avoid potential distraction by nonessential product or service offerings
  • Simplified contracting to increase agility of resource planning and allocation as customer priorities shift in response to their market needs

A simplified approach to help companies reimagine their business

We help companies reimagine their business to Run Simple by focusing on the following areas:

  • Business outcomes focus to better understand your innovation road map: When working with customers, we start by understanding our customers’ business strategy. This enables us to jointly develop a road map that focuses on delivering measurable value in the short term while providing insight to explore further business value.
  • Holistic solution approach that scales according to your desired level of engagement: An appointed lead from the Service & Support organization takes the insight gained during the road map phase and works with the full domain of SAP experts to define a solution that is focused on specific business outcomes.
  • Premium engagement foundation that empowers companies to build simple to Run Simple: Through an enhanced engagement foundation, we learn more about specific business needs and share our knowledge from our experience with more than 250,000 customers over 40 years to establish an innovation network and platform as a foundation for sustainable simplicity.

Learn more about this unified engagement model. Visit SAP Service and Support at SAPPHIRE NOW!