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This is around SAP Product & Technology and our motives of UI, Platform which even includes the Suite. There are conversations around am I best doing platform and for which technology? The Platform is well placed on a strong Basis. But how did we see it together? This was finally ending in a discussions of Basis Vs our new UI Fiori. SAP transitions- from a business application on a 3 tier architecture to a simple cloud applications with fewer layers..If so why then a question strikes us about this war of importance between traditional BASIS and the today Fiori based UI (User Interface).  The new business applications are just frontends as simply apps that are built on a strong platform to cater to every Application (Hana cloud) platform and even until now for S/4 Hana.  Does a peacock is dancing away as front end technology.  We realize that the stage we already set in to process and maintain data in ERP is just not used effectively. Is this a statement or a question one need to analyze?  And does this need bought us close to super slick UI built over the database and an ERP. This brings us to the think further is really in depth that does BASIS continue to be the basis for our future advantages too or is it today's UI that is going to dance out in the crowd?  We must continue to analyze on this perspective! Actively follow-up our road maps, we should get some answers in every other results on how we can learn to dance it out!! Any idea ??