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Hi Guys,

Last week Development team released three notes that fix some issues in the area of Training Management.

First note 2212333 describes an issue that may happen while prebooking a participant to a course type. In a situation when the course type/ participant is locked the message displayed does not contain the user name that is locking the object.

Second note 2352236 fixes an issue when viewing the admin work list, the information pertaining to collaboration rooms are not displayed for the relevant courses. The problem was due to the fact that the application was not fetching the data related to collaboration room.

Last note released 2168450 solves an issue where in course administration portal the admin was allowed to add/delete qualifications at course level when such situation should take place at the course type level.

To solve any if the above issues please apply correction instructions attached to the notes or any Support Package listed in the Notes

TEM and LSO Support