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Hi Guys,

Today I would like to share with you information about three new notes that we have recently released for issues occurring in the area of training Management.

First note 2286702 fixes and issue where for WBTs the cancellation reason that is maintained in the system is not considered and is not saved without any reason.

Second note 2343974 was released due to MESSAGE TYPE X error when you change the log level for the Content Player in the BAdi implementation LSO_LEARNING_PROGRESS.

Last note 2364363 fixes a syntax error in S/4 HANA systems in class CL_LSO_BO_CATALOG_SEARCH informing that structure LSBAPIQUALIF doe snot exist.

As always in order to solve any of the above the issues please apply corresponding support package listed in the note or apply correction instructions attached to the given note.


TEM and LSO Support