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Sam Yen, chief design officer at SAP, presented a session at TechEd && d-code in Las Vegas entitled: The Users Strike Back – The Force Behind the New SAP Experience. Here are the top videos highlighting the paradigm shift in enterprise software and the importance of design in SAP and IT organizations.

Paradigm Shift – Why Experience Matters

Sam explains the paradigm shift in enterprise software – from features and functions to experience.

Design for Tomorrow
Make design part of your culture. Nothing is impossible - you just have to look at the world with fresh eyes.

Project Drive
See Caroline Welsh give a demo of Drive.SAP, a new tool that provides lightning-fast feedback from end users.

What's Next? Humanizing IT
There is a huge opportunity and need to understand design in IT organizations.

And finally, here’s the last slide of Sam’s strategy talk that provides a good summary. Watch the entire session to learn more about user experience and design in the enterprise.

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