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Preparing for the future is what this week’s Top 5 blog posts on SAP Business Trends is all about, whether it’s looking ahead at a company’s strategy, revolutionary hiring practices, or how data will drive sports.

Departure of key employees, innovative recruiting techniques and vast amounts of readily available data are changing the way people to think about the future.

No. 1: Vishal Sikka Leaves SAP - What’s Next?

SAP’s Vishal Sikka left the company more than a week ago, causing many people to ponder questions about SAP’s future. applebyj considers a few, including Sikka’s replacement, SAP’s strategy and the culture of the SAP Labs.

No. 2: Beyond Work/Life Balance: Oakley Job Recruiters Align People with the Business

High-performance eyewear maker Oakley is breaking the mold in human resources, hiring people whose personal interests and lifestyles already match the market-leading company’s vision. susan.galer3 puts on her shades and shines light on Oakley’s recruiting strategy.

No. 3: Women’s Tennis Breaks the Serve with Big Data

Serena Williams defeated Na Li at this month’s Sony Open with help of data-driven strategy. christine.donato serves up how SAP HANA enabled tournament players, coaches and fans to access unprecedented amounts statistics, historical data and more via mobile devices.

No. 4: Is Lumira the Pilot for New SAP apps?

All of SAP Lumira’s products work together, allowing users to share and enhance visualizations from anywhere at any time. vineet.gupta hopes that SAP keeps Lumira’s rich functionality in mind as it adapts its applications for the cloud, mobile and HANA.

No. 5: Video: NFL Draft Analyst Marshall Faulk on Preparing for the Big Day

Media and analysts spent months getting ready for last week’s three-day NFL Draft, and millions of fans rely on their insight. evan.welsh examines how one analyst prepares for the draft, using an SAP tool that offers easy access to player information, such as history and college accomplishments.

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