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People are what this week’s Top 5 blog posts are about, from a retrospective on someone influential to ways of recruiting new employees and keeping existing workers -- and customers -- happy.

Joy Global’s mining equipment dwarfs the largest machines you’d find at typical construction sites.

No. 1: Joy Global Unearths Big Cost Savings

Consolidation, global diversification and increasing environmental and safety regulations are pressures that are driving down the number of mining companies around the world. david.trites digs into how Joy Global’s customers are becoming more productive, eco-friendly and safe -- at a lower cost.

No. 2: Vishal - so long, and thanks for all the fish

SAP’s Vishal Sikka ended a 12-year run with the company last weekend. applebyj looks back at the tenure of a former CTO, board member and “innovator of our generation.”

No. 3: 4 Truths Millennials Want to See Improved in the Workplace

The North America SAP Graduate Academy aims to bring new skills and competencies into the company that will drive innovation. layla.sabourian opens up about how workers from offices around the U.S. imagine the ideal workplace.

No. 4: #SAPRadio What You Missed on Social Recruiting: Art or Science?

The corporate search for qualified job candidates extends to social media outlets, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. mike.montalban shares what the experts said about the challenges that HR professionals face when recruiting online.

No. 5: Hilton Worldwide Finds Sure-fire Formula for Customer Satisfaction

Four out of 10 workers are disengaged, and companies with engaged employees outperform those without by more than 200 percent -- yet more than 40 percent of companies aren’t ready to address HR technology. susan.galer3 breaks down why keeping your eye on the goal is all that matters.

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