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Workplace dynamics may not sound engaging, but it kept drawing readers to the Top 5 blog posts on SAP Business Trends. From intergenerational collaboration to esteemed corporate culture and more, this list has your next water cooler conversation covered.

Different generational approaches to a problem can be as asset, such as bringing complementary skillsets to the table.

No. 1: My Wounded Pride: Confessions of a Gen X’er

It took just two meetings for a Millennial’s Gen X boss to go from crawl-in-a-hole embarrassed to blissfully optimistic. carolyn.brock bridges the generation gap to show how the melding of one person’s social media savvy with another’s corporate network was the start of a beautiful friendship.

No. 2: The Future Workforce Wants What Netflix Offers (Hint: It’s not Movies)

Five years after going viral, Netflix’s leaked corporate culture document is still a hot topic across the high-tech industry. amira.polack builds up the philosophy’s seven cultural pillars, and then compares the similarities to her own working environment.

No. 3: Three Steps to Boost Employee Engagement

High-performing companies are hoping for big results from a sea change in their employee engagement strategies. susan.galer3 explores the shift in corporate mindset from workers as expensive cost centers to the organization’s most important asset.

No. 4: 3 Secrets of Leading in Crisis

When a company’s system stops working, the company stops working. stephen.dick is out in front with his plan to help leaders solve crises and get their companies working again.

No. 5: Millennials Benefit from Big Data at the University of Kentucky

As much as $1 trillion in student loan debt has many graduates living paycheck-to-paycheck for years. christine.donato opens class on the University of Kentucky’s use of data and analytics to improve graduation rates and to streamline operational efficiencies.

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