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In a video recorded live on the show floor at SAPPHIRE NOW Orlando, two gentlemen from HCL Technologies share their thoughts on the SAP innovations which are helping them to better serve their customers. A long-standing member of SAP’s partner ecosystem, HCL Technologies specializes in bringing IT and engineering services expertise under one roof to solve complex business problems for its clients.

“We’ve found that SAPPHIRE has been quite an interesting event”, says Todd Crandall, Global Executive Vice President of Strategic Industries at HCL, calling out the focus on asset-intensive industries which are key focus areas for HCL, such as travel, transportation, and logistics. HCL’s stand was buzzing with activity, with customers showing a great deal of interest in its iMRO product, which is SAP and HCL Enterprise Application Services' industry solution add-on for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul/Operations (MRO).

Shawn Broderson, Head of Solutions for Public Sector Industries at HCL, listed several SAP solutions they’ve deployed, including SAP Visual Enterprise and a mobile solution based on Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) and Syclo. “What’s really exciting about our IMRO product is that it really completes our roadmap with SAP around functionality for engineering, planning, supply chain, and operations.” He added that he was really excited about iMRO as a platform, in particular the rapid adoption of new technologies being deployed by SAP.

Todd added that today’s SAP is a more agile company, and is better able to adapt to what’s happening today at the consumer level. He identified a recurring theme among the comments shared by visitors to the HCL stand: “SAP – especially with HANA and Mobility - is bringing more agility to getting solutions to market quickly.  And that’s a lot of what I hear - that this is a different SAP than it was even two or three years ago.”