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Update, 2010-10-27: 

Hello everybody,
We apologise for the short notice of this message.
The Enablement Session due to be delivered November 9th at 09:00 (CET), "SAP MaxDB: Tracing" has had to be postponed due to unforeseen circumstances.

We will notify you of the new date as soon as possible.

Sorry for the inconvenience.




Again I have the pleasure to announce a series of SAP MaxDB online training sessions.

This is the third time we prepare such training sessions and the positive feedback from the participants and the download numbers show us, that these sessions are really helpful for you. So please join us again for the next sessions. The topics and dates of these sessions are:

2010-06-29, 9:00 AM CET - SAP MaxDB: Logging

During this expert session, the SAP MaxDB logging concept will be presented. You will learn how to configure the log volumes, how to trigger backups and which parameters are relevant to influence the logging behaviour.

In addition to these more practical items, some theoretical aspects will also be explained.

You will be shown:

- which contents are logged
- how and where the before and after images are stored (undo, redo information),
- transaction handling and the relationship to the Savepoint
- how log queue management is organized.

This session will provide background information for the session about SAP MaxDB backup and recovery listed below.

For administration and monitoring of a database, a basic understanding of the logging concept is essential. With the provided knowledge, it is much easier to build a good backup strategy. Attend this session and extend your knowledge as a SAP MaxDB database administrator.

Use this registration link:


2010-08-03, 7:00 PM CET - SAP MaxDB: Backup & Recovery

To make sure that you never lose any data, it is vital to have a good backup strategy in place.

This Expert Session will cover topics ranging from the different backup types, exemplary backup strategies to recoveries, including Point-in-Time recoveries and monitoring of the recovery.

After this session, you will be able to design, implement, execute, monitor and troubleshoot your own backup strategy and know when and how to select the optimal path of recovery for the situation at hand.

Use this registration link:


2010-09-07, 9:00 AM CET - SAP MaxDB: Analysis of SQL Locking Situations

Since the database system allows several transactions to access the same objects concurrently, a lock management is required to synchronize and isolate the individual transactions.

In this session you'll get an overview of the SAP MaxDB locking behavior, and its consequences for the operation of an SAP system with SAP MaxDB. The analysis of locking situations using system tables and the CCMS transactions will be explained in this session.

Use this registration link:


2010-10-05, 9:00 AM CET - SAP MaxDB: Using External Backup Tools

To allow our customers to use well known backup tools like Tivoli Storage Manager or Legato Networker with their SAP MaxDB database, database backups to these tools can be started directly in the database administration tool. This session explains which tools are supported and how they need to be configured to create such backups.

After this session you will be able to explain which external backup tools can be used with SAP MaxDB. You‘ll know how to configure them and how to create a backup using these tools.

Use this registration link:


2010-11-09, 9:00 AM CET - SAP MaxDB: Tracing

During operation of an SAP system issues might occur which require an analysis from database side. Such an analysis sometimes is much easier or possible in the first place when a database trace of the causing action is available.

The objective of this session is to provide information about SAP MaxDB tracing at a glance (kernel and interface traces). You will learn how these traces can be created, what the most important options for each trace are as well as how the trace output finally can be prepared for further analysis of an SAP MaxDB expert.

Use this registration link:



The sessions are free of charge, but you need to register in advance, using the links above.

You will receive the log-in & dial-in details approx. 2 days before the session date and also approx. 2 hours before the session commences, as long as you are registered. The sessions will be recorded so if you cannot attend live, please register and you will also be sent a recording automatically.

The recordings of the previously held sessions are available at

Best regards,