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So did Apple meet the expectations when they released the new iPhone last week?

One thing is for sure, there are mixed opinions about that, both from fans, market analysts and competitors. Another thing that is for sure, is that when Apple releases the next iPhone, the expectations will be much, much higher and Apple have to deliver something extra ordinary to keep their position on the market. Perhaps Apple will deliver  something like this - iPhone 6 – Amazing features is coming(?)

  • The fans - During the weekend the media have been reporting about thousands of queuing people and lucky Apple fans that have bought the new iPhone. For example, in the UK, Noah Green, 17 was the first in line after been queuing since 4pm on Monday and he turned down offers up to £5,000 for his prime spot in the queue. Now we will see what the fans say about the new iPhone’s.

  • The market analysts - Several of analysts weren’t impressed, especially with the “high” price of iPhone 5C. Bloomberg reported that Apple’s shares declined as much as 6 percent, making it the worst performer in the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index. Will the share price continue to decline?

  • The competitors - Nokia was quick to mock Apple and reminding them about who was first with colorful mobile. In my opinion a valuable point from an innovation perspective. How will competitors like Samsung react? Will they release an iPhone killer?