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While you can search for relevant SAP Notes on any SAP solution or product in SAP Service Marketplace at , you need an SAP customer or partner user ID to access SMP.

SDN currently replicates only Notes from certain components into this public network.

To help developers working with SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe to find what's relevant in terms of general information not contained in the standard documentation or bug fixes, here is an overview of the Notes I refer to time and again. I have grouped them according to major topics.

A short introductory comment: As SDNers have been busy creating browser shortcuts and add-ons for accessing SAP Notes (just search the blogs for it), I have decided to


provide direct links to the Notes below. Everyone works differently and with their preferred tools, so I'll be damned if I prescribe the use of one of them.

(A good new way to do it, though, is using the URL<note_number>, as described in this New hyperlink format for SAP Notes.

Components ('Application Areas') to keep an eye on

When you work with SAP Interactive Forms, be sure to check these areas for relevant Notes:
BC-SRV-FP (for all initial customer messages, especially for Adobe document services and Adobe LiveCycle Designer)
BC-WD-JAV (Web Dynpro for Java)
BC-WD-ABA (Web Dynpro for ABAP)
BC-WD-ACF (Active Components Framework)

If you are working with the ISR framework in mySAP ERP, also check these:
EP-PCT-MGR-HR (Manager Self-Service HR)
EP-PCT-MGR-CO (Manager Self-Service Financials and ISR/Adobe integration)

SAP Notes on SAP Interactive Forms</b>

General information

750784   SAP Interactive Forms: Licenses
735050   mySAP ERP 2004: Output of forms
798320   XFP interface in SAP NetWeaver '04

Adobe document services

894009   ADS: Configuration Guide (SAP NetWeaver 2004s)
682619   ADS: Configuration Guide (SAP NetWeaver '04)
886572   ADS: Central Patch Note for SAP NetWeaver 2004s
863893   Release Restrictions ADS: SAP NetWeaver '04
894389   Release Restrictions ADS: SAP NetWeaver 2004s
736902   Adobe Credentials
925741   Running ADS with non-supported platforms
944221   Problem Analysis / Troubleshooting in Forms Processing
846610   How to activate the ADS trace
867502   Read Timeout using ADS in Web Dynpro
933402   Pilot Projects: J2EE installation on heterogeneous landscape NW04/04s

Adobe LiveCycle Designer

730026   Adobe LiveCycle Designer: Known errors and patches
962763   Adobe LiveCycle Designer 7.1 Installation
816065   Adobe LiveCycle Designer Installation with Developer Studio on SAP NetWeaver '04 SPS 18
863138   SAP xfo object does not appear with LiveCycle Designer
801524   Additional components for the SAP GUI installation server

Other frontend installation

834573   SAP Interactive Forms: Acrobat/Reader version
766191   Active Component Framework Installation
846952   Delete ACF in SAP NetWeaver '04 from client PC
864933   ACF WD ABAP GUId f AdobeControl

Printing PDF-based forms

685571   Printing PDF-based forms
766410   Interactive Forms: XDC scenarios for printer control
952297   Printing PDF-based documents fails

ISR integration

789859   ISR with Adobe: System Requirements
764839   ISR: Interactive Form is not displayed on MS IE 6.0
947633   ISR: Current ISR Control libraries
741381   ISR: Documentation for ISR Control library
953982   Adjustments to Adobe forms for ZCI
947675   ISR/Adobe: New layout category ZCI as of ERP 2005, SP 5
863308   mySAP ERP 2004 - MSS - Limitations on PCRs with Adobe
965703   ERP2004 - Wrong/missing translation of PCR forms

Web Dynpro for ABAP integration

980437   Unable to hide toolbar when using interactive forms
983699   Additional features for Adobe integration
981638   Dynamic forms are not supported in Web Dynpro for ABAP
992492   Termination when using the PDF-only scenario
856882   Adobe: Allowing limited input in DDIC mode

Translation, globalization, internationalization

980522   Umlaut is not displayed in Interactive Form
994045   Non-Latin-1 characters in PDF forms
963063   Special characters not allowed in the name (create form)
950271   Translation process in SFP
837217   Update of translation process
917483   Translation update
864990   Form Builder: Layout translation settings
876203   ISR Layout translation

Other challenges (aka bugs or limitations)

853497   Adobe Acrobat/Reader creates temporary files

937460   Interactive Forms scenario on Windows Terminal Server (WTS)

852235   Release restrictions for mySAP ERP 2005

934981   Limitations and known issues for Adobe forms in Guided Pprocedures

905753   Large PDF file size

916607   PDF file size increase upon saving

917773   Adobe Reader error upon opening interactive PDF form

...and we'll try to add new Notes as they become public.

Greetings from Walldorf,